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 9 Måneder Og Noen Få Stater Over

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PostSubject: Re: 9 Måneder Og Noen Få Stater Over   Wed Oct 20, 2010 11:15 pm

Sev nodded in a swift military fashion and then he posted up with his side to the wall of the door. With a quick glance to Flay to make sure she was ready Sev readied his weapon and then he pulled the handle on the door and then pulled it aside. Sev was very glad that this particular entrance strategy wasn't like some he had employed earlier in the field. If it was he was quite sure after breaking through the door with his foot he would have received a shotgun shot full of pellets from the first guard that Sev had managed to spot before pulling himself back.

As he hunkerd back against cover he heard someone pulling back on the weapon's loading chamber and then a cling as the shell fell from the breach and hit the floor. It wasn't really part of his combat doctrine but suddenly Sev found himself reaching around the corner setup by the wall and the doorway and firing off a couple blind rounds to at least provide Flay with a bit of a distraction for her to be able to quickly put down the first defender.

"The object of war is not to die for one's country but to make the other poor bastard die for his."

-General George S Patton

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PostSubject: Re: 9 Måneder Og Noen Få Stater Over   Thu Nov 18, 2010 3:10 am

It wasn't fun having to wait. She'd waited enough already, just the seconds were grueling enough. Necessary though, they were necessary as Mary reminded her. Now wasn't exactly the time to argue either, arguing with your guns when you needed them to shoot things never went well. So she bit her lip and waited hunkered against the wall of the train car. Soon enough she had her wish granted and the door was open allowing her eager eyes to get a glimpse of whatever was on the other side. Doors did often have surprises, good and bad ones.

The world slowed down, it always seemed to at these moments. Flay didn't really find it weird, nor did Fred or Mary they were probably more used to it than she was really, things probably moved slower when you didn't breathe anymore. She didn't really hear the shots from Sev's gun. One pistol quickly moved to line up with the man before her as she leaned from her position at the side of the door, it locked on his head as the situation dissolved into a good ole fashioned quick draw... though it was a bit unfair given her opponent was a few seconds off given Sev's distraction.

There was another thing to note when it came down to a contest of speed... shotguns were fucking slow.

Two quick muffled zips sounded barely audible above the clacking of the train moving along its tracks, the kick back from the pistol ran up her arm. The shotgun the man had been whipping towards her direction suddenly found itself without support and clattered against the metal of the sliver of the platform between the cars blending with the noise of the locomotive in motion. Its owner followed with a thud.

Silly to bring a shotgun to a quick draw, sillier to wear camo while on a damn train. Trains weren't forests, leaves didn't blend against metal, but try telling G.I. Joes that. Flay's wide blue eyes locked on the mess she'd managed to make in mild amusement before shifting back towards the now ownerless death stick. Though shotguns did hold a certain appeal...

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9 Måneder Og Noen Få Stater Over
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