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 An HJK commando lost in the US

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PostSubject: An HJK commando lost in the US   Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:59 pm

I don’t exactly know why I’m writing this but I figure someone has to tell the tale, it’s not exactly like this one is going to make it into any newspapers.

The Starten-Elverum

One day in 2017 I was just another grunt in the Royal Norwegian Army. Perhaps it was the fights I got into in school or part of my natural aggressiveness but I figured the armed forces were right up my alley to earn some money for school and serve my country. Things started off simply enough, I kept in shape all throughout high school and while this was more than a few steps from soccer or anything I got on pretty well and I especially took to all my lessons in close combat training. You got the feeling ever one of our bekjempe trenere (combat instructors) was ready to give us every ounce of their experience even if it meant getting us within a inch of killing us but while my body never ached more I have always been glad for their training throughout the years.

They came to the barracks on Monday the 4th of September at 0700. The Kaptein said I was being reassigned to a different unit. I immediately got up from my bunk and put on my best face and roughly about an hour later I was introduced to Sersjant Emil Hansen and he introduced me to Orik Squad of the Hærens Jegerkommandos and informed me that I had been selected for training and duty with them.

I was surprised at first, I didn't think I was an ace soldier or anything but it felt like a enormous honor to be personally chosen out of all the other recruits.

Training got started right away with a much more intense regimen of activities and training with extensive operational training in parachute activities, long range reconnaissance while they really went to town on our team ethic. The drills and exercises have us working as a much more small unit then the original squad I would have worked with.

The five of us, Valk, Thiru, Elric, Gelir and myself were forged like the swords and axes of our great ancestors. Honed into instruments of war built from the forges of fiery and remorseless drill instructors we became a group of hardened commandos . While my homeland doesn’t have too many large enemies any more in the burgeoning years of the 21st century global terrorisme had spread like a brush fire throughout the globe so special units like ours were never in short supply of work or operations.

Most of our early operations were escort and protection jobs that were either done in country or in a allied country so we never had a lot of issues. Of course a lot of that changed one operation in Hungary in 2018

"The object of war is not to die for one's country but to make the other poor bastard die for his."

-General George S Patton

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An HJK commando lost in the US
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