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 The beginning of the end..

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PostSubject: The beginning of the end..   Sat Jul 24, 2010 12:34 am

2012 came and went and nothing out of the ordinary happened other then a an unusually large earthquake and a larger then normal fire in California, beyond that there was no massive cataclysm that set off a chain reaction that led to the end. Eight year passed of little to no interest other then elections in the U.S. and a minor civil war in Iran. To the average man nothing was wrong and life went on as normal with the usual worries like immigration laws, a 'fuel crisis', and global warming.

To this day no one fully knows what happened and those likely responsible are now dead but in the end the reason doesn't matter, just the effect it had on everything in life. July 22, 2020 was the date most agreed it happened on. At 6:28 A.M. sirens went off all over the United States and seconds later sirens in every European nation went off. Governments were in a state of panic as military forces reacted without thinking what was going on. People were shuttled underground in bunkers, subways, the wilderness, and anywhere that was safe, but in reality nowhere was truly safe from the devastating weapons man created and had turned against themselves. All over the world nuclear ballistic missiles crisscrossed around the globe to impact into their targets with violent plumes of destruction. Megatons of nuclear warheads slam into Europe's mainland and in the United State's Great plains, spreading clouds of fallout and radiation in all directions. Biological weapons erupt in China and in Australia. Many would consider them the luckiest for dying a fairly quick death at the hands of anthrax and poison gas though some did survive, in a way. The Korea's were vaporized in a massive mushroom cloud of ash and soot stretching up into the very highest reaches of the troposphere. Years later the cloud could still be seen and the land around it has proven far too deadly to even approach.

At 7:42 P.M., July 24, 2020 the world emerged from hiding to find a desolate, tainted world. Some could not deal with the stress of what had happened and suicides were common in the first few days after seeing this new and scarred world. Governments fell apart once soldier and citizen alike deserted their authority in droves, refusing to adhere to their will. Other governments attempted to regain control with force but created only civil war between the survivors and their former leaders. In some places, nothing was left alive; soil was left tainted and barren, animals and fish were wiped out, but in other places pockets of radiation had adverse effects on some life. Common moles, rats, mice, and vermin, what most considered to be mere nuisances, grew exponentially in the tainted soil to the size of large dogs with teeth sharp enough to cut into flesh and claws sharp enough to rip into steel. Dubbed Nosalises or mole rats by most it was clear these mutants were dominant predators now in this world. Amazingly other creatures remained quite normal. Dogs, pigs, bears, and black birds remained largely unchanged as long as they were not exposed to the massive amounts of radiation that some areas had. The worst creatures to change though were bats. Like Nosalises they grew to massive proportions due to their new environment. They became known as demons known to fly high in the sky watching for prey, picking them up they would rip their quarry into shreds in mid air before finally killing them by dropping them. Very few go out at night by choice now. Radiation sickness, rabies, and dehydration are common place in this new world but what is feared the most is the Parasite, it is unknown what they once were but now they are deadliest disease not for its lethality but to how it spreads. By creating urges in its victims to drink, vomit, and spit it is able to spread anywhere this person may go and he or she might not even know they were infected. If the urges aren't given in or if a victim is infected for too long they become violent, actively searching to infect others as a way to get rid of the Hunger, a burning sensation the victims feels that causes extreme body temperature rises like a fever with a subsequent inability to digest food until the victim has successfully passed on the disease by biting or other means, even then there was no guarantee of survival. [MORE INFORMATION WILL APPEAR IN THE INFO CENTER]

What is left of humanity is nomadic, moving from place to place in hopes of finding supplies or food. Other places find permanent homes in what ever subway or bunker that saved them from judgement day. Metro stations became homes for a few hundred people at a time but always they were under the threat of fire or roaming swarms of Nosalises. Mountain ranges are sanctuaries as well though food is always in short supplie, giving rise to rumors of roaming bands of cannibals.

It has been one year since the end of the world and humanity still remains. Brought on the edge of extinction and only inching back and forth from the edge, most try to survive on a day to day end without worry of what the future will hold. Fear and survival rain dominant and there is no place that's safe for long.
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The beginning of the end..
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